U-Pol Clear#1 UV Resistant High Gloss Clear Coat Spray Can, UP0796, 450 ml

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Excellent high gloss finish with U.V. resistance and durability. Very good flow. Fast drying, easy to use giving excellent depth of gloss.

Ideal for spot repairs. Can be applied over all basecoats including water based. Suitable for wing mirror covers, door handles and mouldings.

  • CLEAR #1 is now MIR compliant.
  • CLEAR #1 is a 1K, ready to use clear coat in an aerosol. It is used for finishing coated surfaces in order to achieve a high gloss, UV resistant, durable finish.
  • A new high performance clear coat that gives 2K performance with the convenience of an aerosol. CLEAR #1 is the ultimate SMART repair tool it is crystal clear, has excellent build and is compatible with water-based base coats.
  • The cured CLEAR #1 has excellent gloss and image depth it is ideal for spot repairs and gives a durable, UV resistant finish.
  • CLEAR #1 is isocyanate free. 


UPol UP0796 UP0-796 UPO796, UPO-796 796 0796