3M 16611 Accuspray™ Atomizing Head 1.8 mm - 4 per kit

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3M Accuspray™ Atomizing Head 1.8 mm delivers fine atomization with minimal overspray, ideal for medium to high viscosity materials such as automotive primers, lacquers or adhesives. Suitable for any Accuspray™ replaceable atomizing head spray gun and designed for 3M Accuspray™ ONE Spray Guns, the see-through head can be easily removed and replaced – essentially a new spray gun on demand.
  • 1.8 mm replaceable atomizing head is ideal for med- to hi-viscosity coatings such as auto primer
  • Transparent marking makes for easy size identification to help ensure accurate application
  • See-through atomizing head allows fast visual confirmation that it’s clean, reducing cleanup time
  • Delivers the performance of a new Accuspray™ replaceable atomizing head spray gun on demand
  • HVLP technology can help reduce material consumption and improve transfer efficiency
  • Advances efficiency of PPS™ – allows the user to spray at any angle, even upside down
  • Designed for Accuspray™ ONE Spray Guns or any Accuspray™ gun with replaceable atomizing heads
  • Improves productivity and profitability