ATD-7820 Mini In-Line Disposable Desiccant Dryer

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  • Ideal for spray guns (point-of-use)
  • 40 micron, porous bronze element removes fine dirt particles, as oil removing media removes oil vapor and desiccant beads absorb water vapor
  • Attaches directly to spray gun or mini regulator located on spray gun
  • Unit is bi-directional with 1/4" NPT
  • Blue desiccant beads lower the dew point to -30˚F and remove all water vapor. Bead color turns pink when it is time to replace filter/dryer.
  • Pipe Size (NPT): 1/4"
  • Max. Flow Capacity: 15 CFM
  • Max Pressure: 125 psi
  • Max Temperature: 130°F
  • Quantity: 2-pack