CP-9600 Universal Flex Additive, 16oz. (1Pint.)

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CP-9600 Universal Flex Additive is a premium high quality paint additive designed to add flexibility to all types of paint systems. 9600 mixes easily with all paints and when used at recommended ratios, will not gel paint. 9600 is water clear. Due to the clarity of this product, CP-9600 will not change the paint color. Use of this product can slow the dry times increasing flow out and gloss retention. 9608 enhances adhesion to all types of OEM or aftermarket parts. Can be used on all types of plastic or urethane body panels, including fiberglass.

Features & Benefits

  • Universal acrylic formula. Perfect compatibility with all brand lacquers, enamel and urethanes.
  • Water clear color. Will not distort color.
  • Flexible resins. Allows paint to conform and flex with part eliminating cracks and/or flaking.
  • Low hazard compound. No isocyanates.
  • Excellent weather resistance. Won’t dull or fade after years of exposure.