Fusor® 108B-210 Metal Bonding Adhesive (Medium)

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Product Information

LORD Fusor® 108B-210 metal bonding adhesive is specified for use by General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Nissan. It can be used for panel bonding,weld bonding and rivet bonding of properly prepared metals, including aluminum.


Steel and aluminum

OEM Approvals

• Chrysler: Weld bonding
• Ford: Weld bonding
• GM: Panel bonding per GM aftermarket spec GM6449G
• Mazda: Corrosion repair
• Nissan: Corrosion repair

Features and Benefits

• Fusor 108B-210
• Six to eight times faster than typical panel bonders
• No welding required
• Guaranteed corrosion protection
• Excellent for rivet bonding and weld bonding applications


Panel bonding and weld bonding of quarter panels, rear body panels, roof panels, door skins, van side panels and outer truck bed panels