Fusor® 142/143 Plastic/Bumper Repair Adhesive (Fast)

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Product Information

LORD Fusor® 142/143 plastic repair adhesive can be used on bumpers, bumper tabs, emblems, door trims, interior and exterior plastic repairs and cosmetic repairs.


All plastic bumpers, SMC or fiberglass panels, ecoat, primed and painted metals

OEM Approvals

GM, Ford: Collision/warranty repair

Features and Benefits

• Fusor 142 = 10.1 oz (300 mL)
• Fusor 143 = 1.7 oz (50 mL)
• Urethane chemistry for all structural and cosmetic repairs on bumpers
• Undetectable feather edge
• Sandable in minutes
• No need for plastic identification with use of Fusor 602EZ


Structural and cosmetic repair of bumpers, bumper tabs, emblems, door trims and interior and exterior plastic repairs, cosmetic repairs and bonding