Kirker Urethane Topcoat Hotroad Black, 3/4GAL

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This 2-component single-stage topcoat combines the smooth satin finish of days gone by with today's most durable coatings technology. Acrylic urethane material features exceptional durability and resistance to UV and chemicals. Designed to flow evenly and cover in 2 coats. Use for overall finish coat when looking for a true "rat rod" finish. Can also use on interior parts, chassis, firewalls, and interiors.

3:1 mix ratio (3 parts urethane topcoat to 1 part required Kirker Activator - sold separately, see below). Thin with Kirker ULTRA-GLO Urethane Reducer below.

.75 Gallon. Satin Finish (20-30% Gloss).