Kleanstrip KLE-EPC535 Abrasive Prep & Clean Tub

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  • The Klean-Strip Bulldog Abrasive Prep and Clean is a VOC-compliant advanced emulsion. It brings together water and solvent technologies and helps in removing grease and wax from the surface. This is a paste that effectively removes the mold release agents that are the main cause for peeling and fish eyes. The innovative abrasive formula of the Klean Strip abrasive helps in increasing the surface area of the component and also increases basecoat adhesion.

    • Eliminates the need for soap and water
    • Negates the need for sanding
    • Reduces 1-3 steps in bumper prep
    • Eliminates the need to use anti-static and cleaning solvents
    • VOC and Canadian compliant
    • 16 oz