POR-15® Detail Paint, Metal Restoration Paint

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POR-15® Detail Paint is a professional grade aerosol applied coating that restores metal parts to their original appearance. POR-15® Detail Paint is a direct-to-metal coating designed to work incredibly well in all applications where there is a need to help preserve substrates and resist corrosion and abrasion while giving an renewed appearance that does not yellow. POR-15® Detail Paint provides excellent adhesion and when used over POR-15® RUST PREVENTIVE COATING works to provide a permanent barrier to corrosion.

POR-15® Detail Paint

- Available in 3 colors (Cast Iron, Aluminum & Stainless Steel)


For use over prepared metal surfaces:

  • Cylinder heads
  • Engine blocks
  • Water pumps
  • Industrial Interior / exterior
  • New construction
  • Repaints
  • Railings
  • Storage tanks
  • Machinery
  • Structural steel
  • Piping
  • Steel decking

Application Information

Surface must be clean, dry and free of oil and other contaminants before painting. Protect surrounding areas from spray mist. If being used to topcoat POR-15,spray while POR-15® is dry to the touch with slight finger drag, normally 2 – 6 hours. If POR- 15 has dried, wait 24 hours then lightly sand or scuff surface with pad or 320 sand paper. If scuffing or sanding is not desired, use POR-15 Self Etching Primer over cured POR-15® without sanding, then topcoat over the primer.

  • Shake can at least one minute before and occasionally during use.
  • Spray surface with steady, even strokes at a distance of 8 to 10 inches. Several light coats give a better finish than one heavy coat.