U-Pol 4:1 Universal Clearcoat, Durable High Build, High Gloss Clearcoat, UP2882

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Made from the highest quality European resins, U-POL ®’s System 20 ™ Clearcoats offer superior performance in a range of formulations to suit a variety of shop conditions and specialized applications. System 20 ™ Clearcoats can be applied over most water and solvent borne basecoat paint systems and feature excellent U.V. resistance and a durable high build, high gloss finish.

  • U.V. resistant high build finish with excellent gloss retention
  • Excellent scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Easy to apply and rapid drying
  • Can be used for spot, panel or overall repairs
  • Air dry, low bake or I.R. cure
  • Excellent flow and non-sag properties
  • Easy to sand and polish
  • Use with hardener: UPol UP2333/UP2323/UP2303

    S2089 4:1 Spot/Panel Clearcoat UP2882 2882