U-Pol SMC Application Specific Filler, Black/White, 1.1L tin.

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SMC Application Specific Filler

Fiber Reinforced Filler for SMC, fiberglass, composite and other rigid plastics.

  • A flexible high adhesion filling compound specifically designed for the rapid simple repair of cracks, holes, and scratches in rigid plastics such as fiberglass, SMC, BMC & DMC.
  • The compound contains fiber reinforcement which gives structural strength to a repair.
  • The formulation contains carbon fiber.
  • Once hardened the repair may be sanded and coated to restore the original finish. Available in white and black.

Product# UPOL UPO777 UPO779 UP 0777 UP 0779 UPO-777 UPO-779

Upol U-Pol

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